Bangkok Fellowship Church


Hello folks,


I would like to introduce our website briefly. We began to run our website from September 25, 2005 which is the 36thanniversary of our church and is the opening day of the new building which is called Sattaviharn.

The objectives of the website are as following:

1. Publilizing the church profile, activities and evangelizing

of the church.

2. sharing experiences of people about our Lord in heaven.

3. Telling/ testifying the glory and grace of God.

4. Encouraging and telling friends,brothers,sisters or the love one

of how great are Gods words from the Bibile to direct

and correct their lives.

5. Connecting with all friends who are near and far with

love and friendship.


We have plans to develop this website successfully: even though, it might take time. With God’s grace and your supporting success will come true. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please feel free to let us know. We will make use of your idea to amend the program better and better.


May God bless you all,

Website organizing commitee