Bangkok Fellowship Church


God Healed Him



My name is Preecha Salasheepchuchart. I am 65 years old. I live at ½ moo 1 Kao Taow subdistrict Kao Pahan district.

I have my back ache about more than 10 years. I can tolerate it however I go to see the doctor to get some pills to relieve my pain. During the end of 2013 I have to speed up the contract to be finished before the end of the year. I help my workers to move the material. The pain was back again. I have the massage. I could not walk. I went to the hospital in Chumporn.  Dr. Suvit had checked. I have my pain and paralyze in the back. The doctor told me to have the operation because my back bone press the nerve. I asked the doctor to try the physical therapy again. The doctor agree. I had the physical therapy about 40 times. I did not feel better. At the middle of 2014 the doctor suggest to have the operation but I did not want to. My relatives had the operation and cannot walk. One night Prim called and asked whether my paralyze was better. I answered no. Prim told me about Aj Horng who has a spiritual gift from God. She said Aj. Horng would pray for my back . She asked me to put my hand on the back and the other hand hold the phone to listen to the prayer. Aj Horng asked me whether I felt better. I said no. But 3-4 days later I felt better. Now I do not have any pain.