Bangkok Fellowship Church


9 January 2022



Today is the second week of year 2022.
It was a difficult year for us, where our church had to hold mainly online worship sessions throughout most of the year. But we strongly believe that all things happen for a reason, 
and the Lord our God will surely Bless us this coming year!  Over the past year, we had a total of 49 members who had their water baptism.
Our church is now open for Sunday worship. We have live programs online, including the children`s program. Wherever you are, please do not forget to watch our live programs and join us in worship together, 
as we have done it twice before. Do not miss our worship as we can also be close to one another through social media. God is magnificent, and may He protect everyone and keep us safe.
1. Our worship program
Our church has been open for worship every Sunday from 5th Dec 2021. Therefore we will also have worship online at the same time, showing it live.
For programs for the month of December will still follow this:
For our Sunday program, we have live programs for these two sessions:
   (1) Worship and Sunday School for the children is from 8.50 am to 10.10 am.
   (2) The combine worship services of adults will be from 10.30 to 12.00 noon.
2. For tithing and offerings, we use online transfers to our church bank account.
Name of account : คริสตจักรสามัคคีธรรมกรุงเทพ ( krisjak samakitharm krungthep )   : Kasikorn Bank Savings account 
Account number : 010-1-0-4068-2. 
For anyone who wants to receive the receipt, please contact K. Patcharee Woonsri ( Oi) mobile number 089-125-4464 
3. Live Broadcast for Bible Study, Broadcasting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 19.00 -20.00 pm, through 4 channels (1) Website (2) You tube (3) Facebook (4) Twitter
Tuesday: (1)  Podcast by Pastor Somkiat
Wednesday: (2)   Podcast by Pastor Somkiat
Thursday (3)  Podcast by Pastor Somkiat 
For Friday prayer meetings, this week organized by church group 07, starts from 19.15 pm till 21.00 pm. Prayer meetings conducted live through online.
2. Our BFC Bible school in Bangkok open again on 11th January 2022.
For the BFC Bible school in Chiangrai, for this week, starting 4 January, will be taught by Ajarn Suchart. 
As for our Bible school in Surathani, it is still closed temporarily and will inform again once it will be opened.
3. Let us pray for these prayer items : A) For people who are sick  B) For the Government, the Public team including doctors, nurses and assistants who are involved in helping people, 
and the people who are conducting Covid-19 tests. During this period they are working hard to help the people infected with Covid19 and trying to reduce the number of sick people so we should pray for them.
C) Pray that we will have the vaccine quickly to help improve the situation. D) Pray that there will be an increase in the number of believers in our wonderful God that gives us mercy and everlasting life.
May God Bless each and everyone of us with peace and happiness, and keep us safe.
Pastor Somkiat Kittipongse