Bangkok Fellowship Church


Summary of message from 18 September 2022

The Song Hallelujah... Receive much, Love Much
Speaker: Mr. Yongyuth
Luke 7:36-50
Ever since we believe in Jesus, have all our debts been forgiven?
God has forgiven us all our sins.
When we are sick, God heals us.
God has given us life although we have died to the world due to our sins.
The words of God:
1) people who truly believe in Jesus
V. 36-38,. V. 44-46
The woman or Simon the Pharisee?
Matthew, Mark - Simon was a leper and he was healed by Jesus and now he has become a Pharisee.
Simon invited Jesus to eat at his house.
It has been said that he wanted to test Jesus and see His abilities.
Simon also invited many others as well.
How did he receive Jesus?
Not with respect, as the Jews wore sandals during that time so their feet are dusty.
If Simon respected jesus, he would have washed the feet of Jesus and dap some perfume on his forehead, and also kiss to receive his guest.
But Simon treated Jesus as a normal person, not an honored guest.
Jesus never expected any respect every time.
A woman, sinful in the eyes of the Pharisees and guests, and looked down by others.
However she showed more respect to Jesus than the rest of them.
She poured perfume on Jesus` feet and used her hair to clean Jesus` feet and washed His feet with her tears.
2) people who are fake V. 39
They looked down on the woman.
People who try not to pay debts will never be blessed by God.
3) people who are forgiven for their debts love much (V. 40-50)
V 48. Your debts and sings are all forgiven, Jesus said to the woman
To the Jews, perfume is very important , very precious and expensive.
The wise men brought incense to Jesus when they visited him when He was born.
Jesus forgave the woman who respected Jesus.
Why did Jesus help her, and also help us as we are also sinners?