Bangkok Fellowship Church


Summary of message from 17 July  2022
Speaker: Ajarn Reunchai
God is our Shepherd 
Judges 2: 16-19
- Someone who helps us when we are weak
- God is the biggest help of all
- no matter how strong we are we will have a period where we are at the low points in life and we need someone to Shepherd us
- a Christian will have a better tomorrow improving everyday through the help of the Holy Spirit
- Jesus is never late. He is always punctual
- even today we see so many testimonies from Christians about God`s love and blessings
-God takes care of the Israelites and God will continue to take care of his people
- got gifted manner to eat provided water, and Joshua and Caleb brought them into Israel after 40 years.
The tribes of Judah won over and enter Israel
There was no king in Israel the people did whatever they wanted.
1) let us hold on to the guidance of God
- let us give our life to God and not rely on other things
- do not forget God
-most people lean on God when they have trouble but during Good times want to run their lives on their own , people bring misery to their own lives
- life without God is like a tree without the roots and the branches that continue to die off
- let God guide our lives and we have to hold on tightly to God
2) God`s guidance comes with gods ever presence
-when God is next to us who can go against us?
- God will be with us as we are the people belonging to Him
- God knows the different periods in our life ,when we are happy ,rejoicing or when we are sad
Emanuel- God be with us
He is never too far from us
We may have to face problems but God is never far away and He will be beside us to help us go through our hardships.
The Israelites one because God is with them they did not win due to their own power but by the power of God
3) we should never forget/ ignore our Shepherd
- Israel forget about God and started sinning
- when prophets reminded them they return to God and God forgive them after they repented
- we will have friends who constantly remind us and bring us back to God
We just need to repent and ask God for forgiveness
1 Thessalonians 5: 19
Nehemiah 9: 19-21