Bangkok Fellowship Church



By the Holy Spirit

Acts 1.1-1.2

Aj. Suchart


The day that we wait for the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1). It is like apostles who were filled by the Holy Spirit and put afford to follow Jesus Christ. Our life will change when we were filled and dependent on the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:14) All apostles were eager to preach and tell about Jesus Christ when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Their preaching would cover the followings and made them understand and learn as follows.

1. The apostles understand Jesus’s great command. They learned by doing, seeing or touching through teaching the Gospels.

2. We must serve God and the experience will make us understand God’s words.

2..1 They must wait and listen. (Acts 1:4, 1:8) Listen like the apostles.

2.2 Depend on the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:2,4). We will not fear anything because the Holy Spirit will help us.

3 What happens when they depend on the Holy Spirit?

3.1 The Holy Spirit will encourage them to be brave (Acts 2.14, 4:31,2:41,4:4,6:7)

3.2 The Holy Spirit unite all of us together

3.3 There will be a miracle because the Holy Spirit works through us. (Acts 5:12,5:15-16,3:6)


+++ We join together to fight onwards to have Christians all over the country within 2020