Bangkok Fellowship Church


Happy Birthday, Jesus

Written by Sor Bor (Pastor)


Today is a Christmas Day that the church organize it for children (December 20, 2015) Christmas for adult will be held on December 24, 2015.This year I do not have any presents for the church members besides, a poem which I have written a long time ago. I like this poem very much.  The time I wrote the poem was when I studied Thai. The teacher taught us how to use (ใ) ai mai muan and (ไ) ai mai malai. We made a lot of mistakes in spell. The teacher said that all ia were written by ia mai malai except 20 words were written in ia mai muan which we must memorize. There are no certain patterns to write. The teacher write the poem for us to remember easier. Phu-yai ha-phamai-hai-saphai-chai-klong-khor, = An adult find the new cloth for daughter in law to hang on her her neck.  Fai-jai-ouw-saihor, mi-longlai-krai-korduu, =They put in a pack without forgetting. Ja-krai-long-ruabai, duu-namsai-lae-plapuu,= They would like to sail on the boat to see fish and crabs in the clear water. Sing-dai-yuu-naituu, mi- chai-yuu-tai-tang-tiang= Things are kept in the cupboard will not be kept under the bed. Baa-bai-tuaa-yaibua-huutaa-muamaa-klai-kiang, lauw-thong-yaa-laa-liang, yee-sib-muan-jam-jong-dee=A mad man with bad eyes got gossamer and walk by. Memorize these 20 spelling correctly.


Today I would like to give you the poem of 20 mai muan as a Christmas present…….

“Good Jesus was born in a manger. Near common people under the bright stars at night. People all sleep with suffering. They would like to be away from Satan and devil but no one can be depended on.

Christmas flowers are blooming like signaling the concern and affection. Love is so great to relate all living. Healing and visiting the deaf and blind become alive with smiling.

Daughter in law and mother in law love no more so evil. Blaming each other until both in sin can be blamed. Till they find love of God. Life is not the same. The cross got binding so they are obliged in love with no pain.”

Christmas is the day that God was sent to be born on earth to protect us from suffering. The Christmas trees bloom only in this season of celebration. The flower recall us of love that God give us. God never forgets us. He finds the way to help us. He not only redeems us from sin but also heals us. When we have god’s love overflow our hearts, we love people who are not lovely so easily.

Merry Christmas