Bangkok Fellowship Church


Sunday School for Children at Bangkok Fellowship Church

Khrue Wanpen is the head. The classes are classified into 5 levels. They are as follows:



1.    The Study of David (pre-kindergarten) age 1-3 years. Teachers are Khru Oa, Khru Tun and Khru Sadudee

2.    The Study of Samuel (Kindergarten) age  4-6.. The teachers are Khru Khai and Khru Pae

3.    The study of Joshua Elementary class age 7-9. The teachers are Khru Boonnam, Khru Bee and Khru Hong

4.    The study of  Gilleon  which is high elementary cl ass . The students are 10-12. The teachers are  Khrue Wanpen, Khrue Wan and Khrue Eam

5.    The study of Elisha is organized for  young children. They are 13-18.. The teachers are Tukkata and Khrue Saman