Bangkok Fellowship Church


Asa and Era


Aj. Wichian Watthakichareuan


Proverb 13:4 

The soul of the sluggard desired, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.


   In the fertile valley, there are two brothers, Asa and Era.  They lived in the connected farms. One day Asa told his brother “Do you know that the weed sucked up food from our plants.”

  Era answered  “We must accept that weed are a part of The Creator’s plan.”

And Era slept during the day.

  “I will allow in the only things that I could not do.” Asa answered.

   Then Asa went into his field and pulled all the weed out.


  One day Asa told Era “there is worms in our village that close by our fields.”  Era answer “ I will pray that God will blow all the worms away to the other direction.  Asa said “I will pray too, but I will pray that our place will be strong enough to face the worms” And he went out to dig the ditch around his field to keep the worms out.

   One day Asa told his brother “the level of water outside is getting higher and higher it might flood.”  Era said “It is up to God, we cannot do anything, we have hope in Him”. But Asa, went out to make a dam. Finally Asa could reap abundant fruits while Era reaps really few. “Why you reap such a plenty fruitful” Era asked.  “Because I was not just only pray to God, but I worked while I was praying.”