Bangkok Fellowship Church


By faith, we could do it. 




      By Faith, Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet ,move

with fear, prepare the ark to the saving of his house;

     There are two boys play ice-sketch on the pool in a rural area. A boy felled

and sank down into the ice pool. His smaller younger boy saw his friend

playing around and suddenly sank into the pool.

    He tried to break the ice with his ice-sketch and his fists but it didn’t work.

Then he saw a big log beside the pool, so he ran to pulled the log to the spot

where his friend were drowning Amazingly, the log that he pulled, broke the

ice, made a hole so that his friend could breath, then he could pull his friend

up from the hole.

      Many people doubted that how a little boy could  pull such a big log and

also saved his friend’s life from the ice pool, who was bigger than him.  They

asked “how could you do that”. The bigger boy answered that “the reason he

could do because no one had told him that he could not do.”