Bangkok Fellowship Church


Summary of Sunday School message from 19 September 2021
Taught by: Teacher Noppawan Chupan and team
Fall Sick because of jealousy (Numbers 12)
1) Jealousy and finding excuses (Number 11:1)
  Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife. When we hear people gossip and talk against someone, sometimes 
we get so carried away by the topic that we forget to look at the truth or origin of the gossip. We start to lose all credit by believing in the speaker. 
We should teach our children to look at real reasoning, so when they grow up they will remember to be reasonable.
2) Try to correct the situation
Do not get angry and look for wrong reasons. When we reflect on things. we have to find the right reasoning, before we believe in anything. It is
quite common that people will quarrel over certain things. To the children, they look at their parents on how they solve the problems and disagreements.
When the children fight, the parents should allow them to solve it amongst themselves, and when they cannot, the parents should step in to help them solve.
3) Allow for Consciousness
Give understanding, open their eyes  (Numbers 12:6-8)  God says that Moses is a faithful servant and why did Miriam and Aaron dare to speak against him
4) God`s way of handling situation (Numbers 12:4-5)
 God will help us to achieve understanding and see the truth. When we are aware and have the understanding and intelligence that God wants.
5) Jealousy results in problems and anger
Miriam became leprous because she spoke against Moses, and her skin became snow white with spots.(Numbers 12:12)
6) Aaron repents (Numbers 12:11)
Aaron realized his mistake and apologized. A person who is willing to apologize shows that they know they are in the wrong and ask for forgiveness.
7) Moses sympathizes (Numbers 12:13)
Moses asked and pleaded with God to heal Miriam even though she did wrong to him.
8) God listened to Moses (Numbers 12:14)
God asked for Miriam to be confined outside the camp for 7 days before bringing her in.
9) When wrong is committed, there should be punishment, even when there is forgiveness
God and Moses offered forgiveness to Miriam but she had to be punished for the wrong she did.
Point to ponder
We may make mistakes or sin against God, but what is more important is that we have to realize our wrongdoing and repent and ask for forgiveness.
Example from Moses shows that he was wronged but willing to forgive and do not hold it against the wrongdoer and still plead or their mercy.
God, please forgive u the wrongdoers when we realize our sins and ask for forgiveness.