Bangkok Fellowship Church


Summary of Sunday School message from 3 October 2021


Taught by: Teacher Noppawan Chupan and team


They should be able to hear it

 As Moses leads the people into the promised land of Cana, God asked Moses to select 12 men from the 12 tribes to enter Canaan to check on the situation.
Because God had promised the Israelites that He will let them enter the promised land that is over flowing with milk and honey. The 12 spies entered the promised 
land to check. They travelled for 40 days to reach Canaan. They entered Canaan and managed to cut some bunches of grapes that were bigger in size than the usual, 
and needed 2 men in order to carry the grapes. The spies returned to Moses and reported that the land is very good, but 10 of the men complained that the people 
living there are very tall and big, like giants and are very strong, so they will never be able to win the battle with them. One of the spies said that they can win the battle
with God next to them. Another man called Joshua said he agreed with what Caleb said. But the rest of the spies were full of fright for the giants they saw. 
When the Israelites heard this, they start to remark that God cannot help them. Moses reminded the people that our God is a mighty God and stronger than
anything in the world. But the people refused to listen and did not believe. God was angry and said that the people will be stuck wandering in the wilderness
for 40 years, and only Joshua and Caleb will be allowed to enter the promised l.
Lessons to learn
1. Fearful, reject and blame. (Numbers 14:1-3) When they start to fear, they forgot that God had saved them from slavery in Egypt and start to complain about their leader as well. 
2. Reject, refuse and not pleased. (Numbers 14:4) Fear and worry makes the Israelites start doubting their leader Moses. Even wanted to go against leader by going back to Egypt. This teaches us that humans have selfish needs and are self-centered. Fear makes people lose control of their minds and start to disobey their leader and do their own will, which is not the will of God.
3. The heart of the leader (Numbers 14:5) Moses and Aaron both fell facedown in front of the people. This shows us that the hearts of the leaders were broken because the people did not listen to them. They cry out to the Lord to help them, so that the Israelites will repent and change their mind. A real leader is humble.
4. Sadness and misfortune. (Numbers 14:6) Joshua and Caleb were both very sad that the people forgot God`s promise and tore their clothes
5. Saying untruths  (Numbers 13:31-33)  The 10 spies says bad things about Canaan and only 2 of them says good things but the people of Israel chose to believe the 10 spies
6. Think evil and forget about the mercy ( Numbers 14: 10) The Israelites wanted to stone Caleb and Joshua as they spoke of things they did not want to hear. Both of them however pleaded with God to forgive the people.
7. God is not indifferent. ( Numbers 14:10) Israelites talked about stoning Joshua and Caleb, the the Glory of the Lord appeared at the tent of meeting of the Israelites.
8. The enemy must be wary of honor (Numbers 14:13-14) The Egyptians will hear of this incident and speak to everyone.
9. The character of God (Numbers 14: 18)  The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. God forgives  but there is a repayment for the sin.
Points to Ponder
In the past God saves the people out of Egypt. In present day, with the problems and the pandemic, we have to believe that God is the only One who 
can help us out of the situation.