Bangkok Fellowship Church


Sunday School Lesson   13 March 2022
By: Noppawan Chupan and Team
Pain and suffering comes from sinning against God  Judges 13:1
Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord, so the Lord delivered them into the hands of the Philistines for forty years.
Nazirite, dedicated to God from the womb Judges 13:7
But he said to me, ‘You will become pregnant and have a son. Now then, drink no wine or other fermented drink and do not eat anything unclean, 
because the boy will be a Nazirite of God from the womb until the day of his death.’”
The Nazirite that won`t cut his hair, mother cannot drink wine or eat anything unclean
God`s orders  Judges 13:15-16
Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, “We would like you to stay until we prepare a young goat for you.”
The angel of the Lord replied, “Even though you detain me, I will not eat any of your food. But if you prepare a burnt offering, 
offer it to the Lord.” (Manoah did not realize that it was the angel of the Lord.)
The items for sacrificing to God  Judges 13:19
Then Manoah took a young goat, together with the grain offering, and sacrificed it on a rock to the Lord
And the Lord did an amazing thing while Manoah and his wife watched
Acknowledging God with our sacrifices   Judges 13:22-23
“We are doomed to die!” he said to his wife. “We have seen God!”
But his wife answered, “If the Lord had meant to kill us, he would not have accepted a burnt offering and 
grain offering from our hands, nor shown us all these things or now told us this.”
1. We are born into this world according to God`s plan and God`s will
2. We must follow God with perseverance and faith even though we may not see God with our own eyes
3. Offer sacrifices to our God with all our heart and will.